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3 tracks on TOP 50

It means nothing..
Nothing more than.. they are listened.
Always good! :0)

Plug in too?

Blockchain mining experiment

- 4 Cores (8 Logical)
3 cores used, on a machine daily used, even to make music.
- Results for 3 days+ works.
- Goal: 1 month mining, then change to another Altcoin.

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Logbook - Entry 3659

As the vessel is slowly drifting in a unknown deep space, I wonder if the earth is still blue. After all these years. If birds are still singing in the early morning. At the daybreak [...]

The ASCII version on .



I 'm death once again (later after this screen), but more plays I make, more far I go.

Addictive game! 😎

"Relics" EP will be available on all platforms on: August 26, 2018!

Meanwhile, you can listen it on

You can follow me there, I will release very good stuff there very soon! 😎

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