Logbook - Entry 3659

As the vessel is slowly drifting in a unknown deep space, I wonder if the earth is still blue. After all these years. If birds are still singing in the early morning. At the daybreak [...]


The ASCII version on .




I 'm death once again (later after this screen), but more plays I make, more far I go.

Addictive game! 😎

"Relics" EP will be available on all platforms on: August 26, 2018!

Meanwhile, you can listen it on


You can follow me there, I will release very good stuff there very soon! 😎

This is the end, once again! 🤣


"Le jour se lève..

One more play!
Adventurer mode introduction:

An "Adamantine Golem" (Volverine friends, haha) rushed my while I was distracted.


Note: very good ingame

A nice start on platform.

Landed there at the start of July.

3257 stream paid by (PPP: Pay Per Play)
(43279 Notes earned)
100 Notes = $0.05

I you are a music artists, I recommend you to plug there.


I was working on a project called "Orbital Phase", and then by composing a new track, she quickly trained me on another slope. This results in the almost finished recording of this new EP named "Missing Time".
Orbital Phase is in standby momentarily.

Reflection on the name of the tracks. It's a conceptual sequence of pieces.

Nothing is definitive..

music lovers, feel free to add me in your artists, albums, and playlists, to follow me over Spotify. Thank you for all your support!


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