Jessica Curry composes some of my favourite emotive music. "I Have Begun My Ascent" from game Dear Esther is how to make a person cry with Cello & Piano. It's probably my signature tune, and I need it played at my funeral.

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Another Aurelian ancient coin just arrived. The condition is amazing.

The bandcamp discovery I posted a few days ago ( reminded me of the band #Volapük, whom I love but hadn't listened to in years. I'm on a binge now. I love this "genre". I've heard it called #ChamberRock. Long live chamber rock, then.

Humble Book Bundle: Make: Electronics 2018

Get Make: Electronics, Make: Analog Synthesizers, The Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Vol. 1, and more!

bo día! (máis ou menos 😜 )

Pero xa temos @funkwhale en #galego



When Mass Effect landed on Xbox 360, I got it from Microsoft (I worked 10 years on video games press), and start playing. 27 hours later, game finished. Great adventure and journey in space.

I just launch the game on Steam.

First thing, I can't go up to 1280x768 on graphics. Wow! No 1980 available.. The game is still good, but was thinking to see something better for graphics on PC.


That's official now, #Funkwhale 0.17 is out, learn everything about this new release on

Have a happy upgrade, and many, many, many thanks to all the people involved in the release!

Steam’s Proton compatibility tool is bringing Windows-only video games to Linux. Those titles can be identified by a "Runs on this computer via Steam Play" notice.

You can enable the experimental support for all your games. If a game does not run out of the box but you get it working, please write a guide for it.
Here is a guide I wrote for Iron Grip: Warlord:

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