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Solar Phasing

In case you missed it, @christalleras made a short introduction video about #Funkwhale. watch the first 5 minutes if you're interested about how Funkwhale works from an end-user perspective :)

Thanks @christalleras!

One of my poems I wrote 6 years back.

#poems #poem #poetry

= The Seas of Time =

I hear the waves crashing on time’s distant shore.
Its salty mist hangs in the air.
I can taste its dry burning on my tongue.
Feel its sticky film on my skin.
It coats every surface,
fills every space.
I invite it into my body with each breath,
though it burns like acid.

Yet I welcome its relaxing song.
With its hypnotic ebb and flow,
it calls me to a peaceful sleep.
With no destination,
always in motion,
always alive.

As I stand at the water’s edge.
With every crash of the waves.
My feet sink deeper into the sand.
My heart slows.
My mind drifts off.
The cool waters wash over me.

Cradled by the sand’s embrace,
the world fades,
time washes away.
Leaving me to drift,
in the waters of time.
In this moment,forever.

By: Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

I enjoy this very quiet morning at home to finish a mix.

I wish a wonderful sunday to all of you. 😀

My holiday #guitar #effects setup. Gotta keep making strange stuff over the summer. :) What kind of #musicgear are the rest of you guys and gals using? #mastomusic

Ok, opinions wanted - #Pescatoria ( has 20 towns and over 50 fishing spots, a character that you can level up and customise by assigning skill points to things, NPCs you can talk to and get quests from, buying and selling, crafting - is $15 USD reasonable?

Artists are subject to variations that can range from very low to very high on the curve of satisfaction. Yes, on the same project, one day apart. It's enough. haha..

@SolarPhasing @WandelStock @tim thanks, bookmarked it. A long time ago there was a netlabel ( ), its a totally different kind of music, but i love it. One song in particulary Solitair Albread with Reverse. I can find a good link

@SolarPhasing @tim hmmm, brings me back to the time of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. (Phaedra)

The problem is that if you start listening to artists whose music you like, you are not productive at all on yours. haha.

Well, that's not a problem. Follow your feeling.

A smart artist can make a good living using all technologies available.

What a is?
Trying to make a living with your .

Or not?

This does not prevent me from sharing my music for free. And giving it on free download here or there.

You need to know if you want to make a living, or not. Like all artists, I guess.

Each time people play a track, I get paid, instantly.

No middle man.

(PPP: Pay Per Play)

Listeners don't pay for listening your music, but you are paid for the stream.

How this is possible?
Well, just read how all of this works. Be curious! Better than reluctant. It's not for you? You jump out.

Many people are reluctant to , & I can understand it, but this is the future of . As are the future of money.

Apart from the lack of social interaction (available, in part on #SoundCloud) I think #Funkwhale is a really good option.

I already have an album up there, and maybe I'll start posting demos or WIPs too.

I see @deerbard has already discovered it. :)