If you've just started your journey playing #Tangledeep a 16-bit #roguelike on the #NintendoSwitch, then Nintygamer have written up an beginners guide that should come in handy.


I've played it on PC, but had to get the Switch version to see how well it translated to the console. Tis good.

#Funkwhale 0.18.2 was released this morning!

This is a really small bugfix release that fix a broken dependency causing denied uploads, some responsive design glitches and a few minor other things.

Happy upgrade :)


Il est sympa ce site #RedditMusicPlayer , il permet de jouer les musiques contenues dans des fils Reddit qu'il va récupérer sur youtube ou soundcloud apparemment. Combiné avec les playlists #listige ça le job :D

Le code source est public sur Github, ça serait super si ça fonctionnait aussi avec les fils #prismo ^^

🌐 Site:

🎵 Playlists:

:github: Github:

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