@fribbledom thanks! I just finished setting up a mastodon instance, maybe this is next (follow me at @sockspls )

@breakthesystem @lychee I asked my american friend, he didn't know anything about poster sizes :l

@TheKinrar Hey, is there a list somewhere of blocked/muted instances?

None of the instances I see seem to really interest me, I’ll go for my own I guess

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Life Pro Tip: pigeons are the longest bird if you pull hard enough

@eal the new meme is pretending you dont know memes

@salameleon aaah I have one from Matt Parker’s video on them, he sent it with a signed paper with the video thumbnail but I lost it :(

@lx I remember like a year ago I was gonna set up my own instance but then it was hard so I didn’t πŸ€”

@fribbledom is it to instagram what mastodon is to twitter?

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