Hello, does anyone knows if a global power outage cause fiber optics connections to go down? thanks!

HTML except it's C#: CSHTML
Anyway, gonna wash my eyes with bleach

Toujours un plaisir de payer un ticket sur l'appli SNCF et que l'appli bug après avoir accepté le payement (je n'ai donc pas mon ticket, mais je suis débité quand même)

Note that I don't work for unity, but work on Mono/IL2Cpp atm

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- Used to want to work as gamedev
- Learned Unity3D to get a job later
- Learned it too deeply
- Ended up as an engine programmer on unity's native code

Me: Alright I'm almost done, just have to implement this last method
The method: *700 lines of ifs and macros*

They seems to literally have moved/renamed some files without editing the .vxproj (or incorrectly) and called it a day

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Ah yes, Unity shipping invalid cxproj files with libil2cpp on U2019.4
And no project file at all on U2020.3

And sleep. And time. But mostly hugs and affection

Yeah, let's decompile the Unity Engine by hand

La dernière fois que j'ai passé 2 semaines en vacances avec des potes, ça c'est fini de manière dramatique. Ça devrait mieux se passer cette fois


I'm sorry, I'm busy feeling lonely and missing someone in my life

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