My cat got lost in the other room again and is singing the song of her people.

okay first day (night?) at amazon and i shit you not i was given monopoly money with jeff bezos' face on it as a reward for staying a bit late

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Do something every day that is loving toward your body and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sensations of your body. ~ Golda Poretsky

@tuxedocomputers πŸ‘€

I am installing Android Studio :)
Thank you to all people for donations πŸ™ and to Tuxedo for their discount πŸ‘
This computer is amazing! Incredibly fast.
I will publish more pictures in an article :)

The second a celeb is spotted with one, I'm buying an RZ67 Pro II to avoid the rush.

I'm watching a buying guide video on the Mamiya RZ67 and I'm really into this. I'm going to use the Bronica until I get better at medium format, but the rotating backs in different aspect ratios really interest me.

I finished a thing and flipped the switch, so I got an afternoon cuppa of T2 English Breakfast . One of my all-time favorites. It kept me alive during the jet lag in Sydney.

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Novel, new, silly, & unusual activities can help lift your mood.

The accessibility will be with you, queerly.

Oh...oh no. I'm adding a Toyo to my cart.

Oh no please, the humanity.

Someone stop me, I want to buy a 4x5 field camera...

VSCO, the photo sharing app/service, has a grant program called VSCO Voices. You can pitch a creative project to bring voices to underrepresented communities and help tell their stories.

Applications due 2/18. Winners receive a $20,000 grant, mentorship, and other resources. Sounds like a pretty cool opportunity.

#photography #grants #VSCO #community #marginalized #inclusion #diversity

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