Shout out to one of my all time favorite internet things: this collection of images of novelty baby clothing on zazzle but with the default model switched to an adult.

"It is an offense to the eye and a burden upon the spirit. That means it’s a perfect job for Perl." #sudomastery :flan_set_fire:


Change can be hard. Taking care of yourself is a change that's worth the work.

tech work, programming 

tech work, programming 

Another day, another billion billion calculations to run.

Went out shooting last night with a friend. We did portraits on 35mm and 120. I tested out my current favorite color stock, Fujicolor C200, in my F3 and finished up a roll of Fuji Pro 400H in the Bronica. Started a roll of Portra 160 in the Bronica, too.

Why were librarians always talking about setting up reference desks in Second Life and never in World of Warcraft?

Got 6x rolls of 35mm and 3x rolls of 120 Lomo 800 film in the mail today :D Can't wait to shoot it!

I’ m really interested in shooting more #filmphotography. But some things make me hesitate:
1) film costs too much
2) it’s hard to find place to develop/print film, and again, costs too much
3) I see a lot of beautiful film pictures with nice textures, rich colors and impressive dynamic range. Is this real film photography, or it’s heavily pumped up in post processing?
#film #photography

Lots of discomfort today while programming in Django. Doing things that I'm not as familiar with. It's a little frightening.

Programming is all about meeting this discomfort and seeing your way through. It's not pleasant, but it can be rewarding.

I've been programming for most of my life and still feel like I'm learning every day. I say this not to dissuade you, but rather to say you have a traveling companion.

Let's make shit happen.

Weather is crap. I want to go shoot photos, but instead I'm inside trawling KEH and other outlets for new gear.

This is GAS for you.

The schism will be with you, unimpressively.

Is your seat comfortable? Can you adjust your chair properly?

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