Second organ removal in a month tomorrow. Time to get these tonsils out.

I'm somewhat back to using a at work. The daily plan bar (hat tip to Mike Rohde) is a handy tool for work.

My personal life is pretty separate from my work life, so I generally don't need a lot of detailed planning or tracking to my life outside the office. My personal journal is about recording experiences and thoughts.

On the other hand, work needs optimization and granular tracking. I need detailed layouts.

Remember to take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

I've been kind of all over the place lately camera-wise. In the last week, I've shot:
* Fuji GW690II
* Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80
* Leica M4
* Nikon F2AS

And the film stocks are just as varied. Delta 400, Tri-X 400, Lomo 800, T-Max 400 (@1600), the list goes on.

Shot some film over the holiday week. Mostly snapshots of the family going about the holiday together. I took some portraits, but not as many as I wanted. Most of my family is pretty camera-averse.

Article on Quaker pronouns:

At one point at my (Quakerish) college, I (a Quaker) referred to one of the deans by her first name. She was livid and demanded to be referred to by her title. She was a black queer woman and I a white queer man, so there were other dynamics at play, but I nonetheless found it ironic.

Latest in the audiophile journey: I am trying out Deezer HiFi, which offers 16bit FLAC files for streaming and download. So far, it's a surprising improvement. I didn't expect it to sound noticeably better.

Picked up a two-light Westcott just today at the camera store. One octobox, one square box. Both LED.

I'll be shooting some headshots and portraits next week, so excited to level up my lighting game!

Hello everyone. I'm still rather jet lagged, so I got to work about 0630, made an espresso, and have been getting work done. It feels very nice indeed to be up before most people and working in blessed peace and quiet.

You don't realize how loud your open office plan really is until you're in a few hours before most :P

I'm on some semi-audiophile adventures right now. I just got a Fiio A3 amp and Grado SR80e headphones. I've been listening to both the Grados and my Tin Audio T2 IEMs with the amp, and it's a very nice experience.

Next up: upgrading my turntable so I can listen to my LPs without fear of scratching them. Currently I'm only listening to streaming music. High bit-rate, but still.

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I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Sending good vibes out into the verse tonight. I hope you all sleep well.

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Last minute travel gear change: I'm upgrading my Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/3.5 to the f/2.8 version and taking that as my primary lens for the trip. The extra stop is enough to encourage me to rely on that instead of my 50mm f/1.8 or f/1.4.

I shot my second round of 4x5 this weekend! Did 4 portraits of @lengau and his ladyfriend while they visited me. Tonight I'm hoping to pop the sheets in my B's reel and develop my first 4x5, which will be the *reel* challenge XD

This is my first time traveling internationally purely for fun since 2012, and my first time traveling with film cameras other than some short work trips.

Any recommendations? Japan-specific or otherwise? All input welcome.

I *might* take a Gorillapod and cable release, because YOLO. It would be nice to get some long exposures at night in Tokyo.

Otherwise, aside from a rain cover, that's it. Pretty proud of myself for keeping it slim even though my Bronica wants to come along so badly.

I think I settled on my travel kit for Japan:
* Nishika N9000 (because I rented it)
* Nikon F3 w/ 50mm and 24mm Nikkor lenses
* A buttload of film, mostly Fuji, some JCH Streetpan, a few rolls of Kodak, mostly color

I'm going to treat myself to a Blackrapid shoulder strap for the F3 for maximum portability. Both cameras will travel wrapped in padding in my waterproof rucksack.

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