Highly recommended. Got this in hard copy and can't wait for the next one.

All Through A Lens #1 - an ezine about film photography


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I've realized I'm at a place in my life where I unfollow shitposters.

Like, there's enough shit in my life.

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Hokey religions and ancient pharma bros are no match for a good hacker at your side, kid.

Am I the only one annoyed that music streaming services often have only the remastered version of an album? I want the originals dammit!

When I finally have to really get down to work, it's time to put on the Cosmos soundtrack, refill on coffee, and make the magic happen.

I made this painting last night. I love it, not for what it is (it's fine but not great tbh) but for what I learned from it.

I figured out that the style I'm working on needs much wider strokes as I scale up the canvas.

I learned that multiple colors gets too busy.

I discovered I can trust my gut.

So yeah. Very happy with this process.

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Matt Haughey's hashtag rich guy goals a.wholelottanothing.org/2018/1

My three rich guy goals, in order:
1. Taco trucks on every street corner (we were promised, dammit!)
2. Free universal healthcare for every person in the world
3. Free universal nutrition for every person in the world

I feel like 1 and 3 are related, but not exclusively so. Tacos shouldn't be the only source of nutrition in my brave new world.

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Since we've got so many new people, I'm gonna do a new #introductions post. :)

My name's Jacob, and I'm trying to launch a career in game design. I publish #DnD material (link in bio), I plan to release an original #RPG before year end, and I've got more plans beyond that (assuming I don't become homeless first).

I've also recently started a blog called #FindFamiliar where I discuss fantasy worldbuilding and probably other things later too.

@ me if you need anything. I love you all. ❤️

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