That's shouldn't happen we all see what happen last time when that kind of thing happened.

Wow the guy thought there is a way this is really confusing.

Fort bullet or James island. Sorry to rely late I haven't seen it.

Crocodile pool found in Gambia one of the village whereby you have more of crocodiles living there. So many visitors in a year from all over the world.

Wow thanks for the link I read some there I was able to understand some ideas.

How about the poors people is it that the rich people are more than the poors. Or. Yes you're right when the healthcare is expensive some will fine it very hard.

Wealthcare it's funny to see this.
Is this means if you are not wealthy you can't have a healthcare or?

Through this what are you trying to say. Tell me some information in both capitalism and Communism.

This was the last bit of african soil that many slaves saw before been transported in the bowels of transatlantic slave ship to america.

In this small town the Gambians suffer much by the europeans through the slavery. Some were ask to change there name some will agree some will not so many die because of punishment.
To those who die may there souls rest in peace. THE WORLD WAS CRAZY AT THAT TIME!!!

Funny they name some places with there name's this place is called JAMES ILAND

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