We made some clearing last Sunday. We made a plan with the family that we will be build a new house which will be very good than this one. The house is affected badly. They said seen this kind of amount is there to start it an it will take about the 35% to make the house which is we can make all the bricks we need to build the house. That's the plan to you all the family said still they need support.


We need cement and sand to start with. I will buy cement which coast for 350GMD about 50 bags which is 17500GMD. And a truck of sand which is 9500GMD. I myself can make some blocks so I need about three people to join me to make the blocks then I can use the 5000GMD which is left to pay the 3 people. Thanks to you all.

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I am waiting for someone who had a PayPal to help me with the collection. Like how he did last time
I have western union but lot don't have access to it.

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@Saikoubarry Oh hey, I'm sorry I missed this whole thing. Do you have enough to rebuild or still need more money? I could send you a bit if you have PayPal or such. Still it will be a lot of work...

@Saikoubarry oh my gosh, i just learned that your house is broken. That is not good. Iwill support you to help you rebuild.

@Saikoubarry are they not available anymore? What means do you have to receive money currently?

All the cement sacks needs to be stored in good climate storage, I presume?

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