The world is funny with the word politics last Sunday a country called Guinea Conakry have there presidential election but still the results is not yet out.

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@Saikoubarry It often takes weeks for official results all over the world.
These days it takes even longer, because there are more mail-in ballots to wait for and process.
I am voting in a canadian provincial election this morning as it happens! :-)
I think there may be some kind of vote going on down in the usa soon too ;-)


voting in a canadian provincial election what does it mean!

Canada is a fairly large country by area. It is second in the world after Russia, but has only about 38 million people. Still, it is broken up into 13 zones of administration - provinces and territories. Each has an elected leader and more local representatives. On that day I was voting for who would be my local representative for the next four years.
It's the same as your elections for president, except for only a province and not the whole country. That is a different election.

@Saikoubarry My turn to ask questions! :-)
I should have asked before months ago, which is your family name? Saikou or Barry?
Also, what is your first language? Mandinka or maybe Fula?

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