Maybe I'll keep working on it to make an API for it and maybe a user interface, I'll see. I have some ideas to improve it, like filter out certains clips you don't want, post it to Youtube automatically etc..

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I made a tool to download your top clips and sitch em' together into one video!

I wish you could build your own timeline with the instances you liked.

I really want to use Plex, but my server's not powerful enough to transcode. It's really annoying.

Ce moment où je me rends compte que le logo de Tusky est en fait... un mastodonte.

This arc of Agents of SHIELD might be the best arc of the whole show. It's SO FUCKING GOOD.

I probably won't have time to work on Mastoton to Twitter the rest of the week and maybe week end. Sucks.

Worked a lot on my Mastodon to Twitter tool. It's going ok.

I just learned that the red stars on Netflix weren't user average notation, they were supposed to tell you how much a show/movie could please you. The thumps up/down makes much more sense then.

"User handles do show up in Toots (blech!) but not in the URLs for users' Mastodon homepages" uhm what?! This is totally false:

This article couldn't be more wrong. Everything on there is either false or the journalist misunderstanding how Mastodon works...

Agents of SHIELD was NUTS. I absolutely love it!

One feature I'd like too is the ability to choose between local of federated when tooting. Public or not is good but not enough.

Nice. @Sadzeih I think this could be the big benefit of Mastodon; instances based around one single topic or group. It reminds me a lot of that Twitter Rooms from a year-or-so ago.

Of course, this could inevitably lead to some pretty toxic instances where unpleasant groups of people congregate.

Saying that, I'd love to set up an instance for web/front-end devs, but I probably won't have the time to do it before someone else spins one up.

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