@TallTim @fribbledom No, no, that's the vapid shit you've been dropping. Hurr durr China, deplatforming, CNN. I cited hard facts and once even sourced it from right wing media. You're just desperate to project your own mindless repetition on me to protect your ego. You're following a shitty con man, even after he threatens the foundation of our democracy. I tried to be understanding for 4 years, but then they erected a gallows and tried to capture congressmen.

@TallTim @fribbledom "bigger things are at work" all you've done is spout vague, ominous crap. Sounds strong, bet it makes you feel smart for being in the know on it. Load of horse shit, though. The right lost because they deny science, embolden racists, and act like plague rats. Other countries get to go on with life, but we're still at over 300k covid deaths because the right are petulant children who won't accept minor inconveniences like masks to save lives

@TallTim @fribbledom Oh, 100%. There's too many of them that have been living on a steady diet of hate, fear, and complete and utter bullshit from their seditious leaders and media. They're going to do something to desecrate the values of their country, they'll laud each other for being patriots the entire time, and they'll do it in the name of the biggest shit stain to ever defile American public office.

@pierrepaul I haven't been snowboarding, but I've skateboarded a little, and if there's any similarity at all, it's just weird and awkward controlling a board with your feet at first. Your hands are your precision tools, not your feet. You're opening your legs up to a whole new world of precision and control. If you stick with it, you'll get there.

My favorite part of the laughably inept insurrection is that afterwards, someone went on Parler and claimed that if people posted their identity and a list of crimes committed during the cosplay coup, they'd get pardons from Trump. And then they did! They detailed who they were and everything they did wrong. They just lined up to hand themselves on a silver platter to the FBI.

@TallTim @fribbledom Oh, so it's not about partisanship at all, there are just some issues the courts won't touch. Except when the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act, several challenges to it and constitutional voting amendments through history, the 15 active cases pursued by the FEC, and the many cases Trump successfully brought to court to allege election fraud but lost due to complete lack of evidence. In some cases, the lawyers refused to make the claim themselves once in court.

@TallTim @fribbledom Trump appointed more federal judges in one term than any president in American history except ONE according to Breitbart. breitbart.com/politics/2020/10 He has personally appointed over a QUARTER of active federal judges. It's not the courts' fault he doesn't have a case.

@TallTim @fribbledom After insisting but never proving he only lost because of cheating, he incited thousands of people to carry out an insurrection during the certification of electoral college votes, where the police were filmed moving barriers to let them in, allowing them almost completely free reign of the Capitol for hours while at times chanting to hang Mike Pence, and the dumb bastards still couldn't figure out how to pull off a coup. How many more wish they could have been there?

@kerim That's disappointing. I've been meaning to watch it. I've seen like half or a third of the first season. Decent few episodes, and I liked them, but I felt like they were still beating around the bush and building up to reveal what's going on. I fell off before that actually happened and keep meaning to go back

@ryan Ooo I haven't looked at chiptunes in ages. Time go down that rabbit hole again.

@fribbledom @benk That's not too bad. I do really want it... How useful is it outside of just being fun to play with?

@fribbledom I didn't, unfortunately. Still really want one. Still struggling to justify it since I don't really have a use for it.

@TallTim @fribbledom Or maybe because the leader of the world's best funded military, by a huge margin, is a petulant man-child who can barely string together a coherent sentence, yet somehow managed to con millions of idiots and/or hateful assholes into voting for him. Tone down the arrogance, sucker.

Anyone know well? I never set up email, then lost my password, so I can't send myself a recovery. Would like to fix this without opening the can of worms that is administrating email.

Since got banned from Twitter, how often do you think he reflexively tries to pull it up only to be reminded he's still banned?

@fribbledom I haven't really touched them, but from what I hear, they remind me of the chaos magic in Warhammer Fantasy. Potent, powerful, and capable of unleashing an eldritch abomination on its own wielder.


@tarzanboy Jesus, if I needed to stay up bad enough to consider a coffee *enema*, I think I might start actually considering cocaine or meth. I assume this isn't just for the caffeine, though

@readsteven Like how NASA used a space crane to land Curiosity on Mars. They couldn't come up with a good way to land it, so they just said fuck it, we'll send something extra we don't care about landing properly to stay in the air long enough to lower it gently. It's only a bad idea if you've got any better ones, I suppose.


Yeah, I've been mainly planning to use it for tabletop RPG and war game minis. I'd kinda like to fiddle with 3D modeling a bit, though, so I might try to do some useful stuff with it, but at the same time... I don't really know how much I actually need it compared to just really, really wanting one.

@fribbledom I've been thinking about getting a 3D printer lately, but it's hard to say I want it for anything beyond the novelty. This is pretty cool for some actual utility. Do you use yours for many practical things, or is it largely the toy I expect mine would be?

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