I really wanna go through the whole series since I loved Tales of Symphonia, but I started Tales of Phantasia, and I'm having a hard time pushing through. Like 6 hours in, and it's decent, I'll play it for a few hours at a time, but it just doesn't make me want to pick it up again after I have to set it down.

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@RawphullCawpter Im feeling exactly the same at the moment with Tales of Berseria (and I was a fan of Tales of Vesperia).

@pierrepaul Really? It looks like it's getting phenomenal ratings on Steam. I figured it would be great.

And I wish I'd gotten to finish Vesperia. I only got like 6-8 hours in, and my 360 got broken. I'm waiting on a 360 emulator to get decent compatibility with it, and then I'll do a playthrough of it.

@RawphullCawpter Yeah ratings are all awesome for Berseria, but I just can't get into it. Bad timing maybe?

@pierrepaul Maybe. I guess I'll see when I get that far. I'm hoping to do this chronologically by release, but I might have to jump around a bit to keep things fresh. Phantasia's decent, it's just a little primitive. Story is interesting but not super detailed for quick to develop, and combat is decent, but lacks the sense of improvement it got in later series entries. It's a decent start, but it's hard for it to follow Tales of Symphonia.

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