I'm trying to talk myself out of buying a 3D printer.

Cons: ~$250 for a decent on that can only print pretty small stuff

Pros: Three. Dee. Printer.

Opinions? Cool prints? Good budget printers?

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@fribbledom I didn't, unfortunately. Still really want one. Still struggling to justify it since I don't really have a use for it.


Can only recommend it, one of the best hobbies I've picked up in recent years! If you need any help getting started, just let me know!

@fribbledom @RawphullCawpter Also during the lockdown it’s great for fixing broken stuff you can’t even order now. I’ve fixed my shaver twice already.

@fribbledom @RawphullCawpter I've been kind of interested in this, but I'm not sure how much sight you'd need to create your own models/recipes. One thing I would not be able to do is, say, change colors. I guess I could use available ones from the web, though that makes me feel like I can't customize every aspect of what I am doing, if you know what I mean ☺️
@fribbledom @RawphullCawpter Thanks! While $250 is not to be taken lightly, that sounds surprisingly affordable to me.


You can even get the first sensible printers for around $150 (Ender 3). For a bit more budget I'd look into the Anycubic Mega S, Sovol SV01 or even the Sidewinder Genius/X1. If you can afford $350, the Prusa Mini is fantastic.


@fribbledom @benk That's not too bad. I do really want it... How useful is it outside of just being fun to play with?

When 3D printing started to take off in the early 1990's it was primarily used to make tooling for short run jobs. Milling metal tooling was cost intensive. In modern times the most intetesting uses in my opinion are biomedical applications. But also replacement car parts.. actually i believe manufacturers are now using 3D printing for some parts in the car production.

At maker fair events people usually use 3D printers to make really expensive keychains and craft nick nacks.

Another idea that could be cool is a 3d puzzle for kids  like a dinosaur skeleton or something.

Some ideas
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