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As per my "normal" routine, I am waiting for coffee to brew before I record.
Then I will take my meds and makea da video. ^.^

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uspol, fuck ICE, fuck enabling libs 

remember not to access ANYTHING of Amazon's the next two days.
This means:
no Twitch
no audible
no comixology
no kindle
no amazon music
no amazon prime tv
no whole foods
none of the amazon stores

If you have Amazon Prime, cancel it, just resub afterwards if you want, don't even go for it if you're offered a free month. Unplug Alexa if you have her for any reason, don't impulse buy anything.

Support the workers, don't be a scab.

Look! @roxy is making a game! Her talent has completely astounded me since BEFORE I started dating her, and she's making AMAZING progress lately.

Lance is real. Let's help make the rest of his world real!

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Do not help ICE in any single way shape or form.

any warrants they may have must and absoulutely must be signed by a judge and not ICE’s “warrants”.

Do not answer the door without looking.

Do not answer questions.


My mom was born in Mexico, immigrated to the US and became a US citizen. not everyone is this blessed and a chunk of my family is still in Mexico so you best fucking believe im very vocal on those surviving the ICE raids

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CW: odd humor 

the unfederated / stopping fascist entryism 

Uspol; social media stuff 

List of kiwi farm instances 

It is wholly disingenuous to conflate the push to de-platform groups that mean to perpetuate hate and violence to a generalist push to control the flow of information. That point is complete and utter bullshit.

People such as myself that advocate de-platforming bigot do not give a single solitary fuck about controlling information. I want to *reduce harm*. That's it.

Anyone that gets on a high horse about how that idea is SLIPPERY SLOPE is purposefully trying to derail the point of it.

PERSONAL NOTE: my partner and I had to take one of our cats into the vet last night bc he was sick. he’s gonna be fine, but vet bills suck, so now would be a rad time to subscribe to my Patreon and help out. Thanks! #nsfw

feline behavior 

Waiting on coffee, then recording can begin. *yawns cutely*

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