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@Teryl_Pacieco Where can i get friends who would do this sort of stuff? *sighs*

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I can personally recommend these instances as amazing places to make your online mastodon home:

There are definitely others, but these are the ones I really super strongly recommend, because I've watched them handle.a lot and they're amazing and professional and chill.

No Man's Sky Beyond thoughts 

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Many of us involved in the conference want a world with open-source insulin, hormones that trans people can brew with pals in their kitchen, and prosthetics a disabled person can build in their home. Where people have the freedom to explore, change, and hack their body in the ways they find compelling.

If you share this vision of the future, please help support the conference,

@Nezchan I'm old. *putters about on hir mobility scooter, shaking hir cane at "kids"*

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