Woke up quite sentimental lmao

No idea I could get this intense, I used to be pretty emotionally numb

Hey heterosexuals

If you are so cis

Why don't you move to Cisjordania?

I think of these little nuances as microgenders rather than different approaches to the same gender, and like, cis people have microgenders too they just don't notice it

Posts that get 20, 30, hell even 50 faves are cheap. I live for the toot that gets exactly one, but the person actually means it - it really is their favorite toot

Omg there's a Spanish version of knowing me knowing you, why did nobody told me?

found this incredible shot on a google maps 360 view

ⓧ Doubt
(x) Disbelieve
[Y] Find dubious
<O> Determine to be untrustworthy
{▲} After examining, find yourself unable to believe fully

The Political Compass model is based on a right wing premise: that authoritarianism and libertarianism are opposed, that what it calls the "Economic-Right" can sometimes oppose authoritarianism.

The most extreme advocates of right-wing libertarianism are in fact just advocates for authoritarianism of a slightly different kind.

To classify one's own beliefs according to the Political Compass is to classify oneself according to a right-wing model of politics.

Becoming fascinated with human voice and the way it is the repository of all our psychosocial history.

is everyone else's fourth prime directive classified or is it just me?

jack: hi guys what’s the biggest problem with twitter?



everyone: THE NAZIS

jack: ah yes of course the button with the heart twitter.com/telegraph/status/1

Even now I'm making this be all about myself, like what the hell is wrong with me.

Realizing I've been an utter failure at being emotional support for my friends 😔 got much to learn on that department I guess.

I know is no excuse but I have to deal with my own exhaustion, for starters.


If you don't want me at my Shinji Ikari you don't deserve me at my Misato Katsuragi

Prep talk to myself: "You're thinking too much, just get through the day for now, it'll be fine."

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