My brain isn't made for programming.

@Psycosy Your brain can be made for coding. It's quite easy: you can, for example, start programming the Web.

@zyabin101 Programming and mathematics are not my best skills, haha. Programming the Web is a good tip. Thanks! The bad thing about that are all the different web browsers you have to make your coding/programming work for, and all the workarounds you need to do to make everything work and look good across the board. Maybe it's better if you only work with the back-end.

@Psycosy At first, you'll be making static pages with HTML and CSS. Not much need to bother with cross-browser compatibility.

@Psycosy If you want, I might be able to train you along to making your first page. :)

@zyabin101 Thanks. I can pick up on HTML and CSS, but I would like some help with Python, if you have the time and the skills. 😀

@zyabin101 I have done that quite a bit actually. Coding the Web is an easy way to make graphical user interfaces, which is nice. I find it annoying and fun at the same time. I have mostly used HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL. Right now I want to get into JavaScript, even though I really like old school static pages, because they are often enough for the task at hand. Todays websites are often bloated and are lacking real content, in my opinion.

I often feel the same. I admire programmers and want to learn how but I have a really hard time with it.

I can sort of understand really simple code well enough to modify it a little bit. I feel totally lost when I even think about doing something from scratch.

@kelbot Indeed. When things are getting a bit complex, my brain kind of hates me.

I totally agree with your profile picture. I had a bad experience with that.

@Ghosty Haha, shit happens! Maybe you could make your password for sudo/root so complex that you won't be able to write it when you're drunk. On the other hand, that would be annoying when not drunk too.

@Psycosy My root password was very hard that time, but sadly I allowed user password for sudo and I make my user password not that complex. But since that 'event' I always disallowed this feature!

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