@Psycosy I think you'd find a lot on instances like #Fosstodon where I toot from


Plenty of decent people around here that like that sort of thing. Fostodon or SDF are good places to start. Fostodon does filter it's content, so IMHO it's more focused on the FOSS side of things. No XXX content.



@randynose @tomosaigon Yeah, I like the content on Fosstodon, but not so sure the rules/terms of service fits me and my values.

@Psycosy @tomosaigon

There is nothing stopping you from having multiple accounts, and in fact, it's not a bad idea, just in case one might be unreachable.

As for the Terms of service, etc, for Fosstodon, htey might seem a bit harsh at first glance, but my stream isn't bombarded with NSFW content. If that IS the kind of thing that you're after, then yea, this isn't the place for you. As I said, you can have more than one account.

@randynose @tomosaigon Yeah, but keeping follows and followers in sync across two accounts sounds like a bit of effort. I don't come to Mastodon for the NSFW content, so no worries. I will probably join Fosstodon soon for the content and activity levels there.

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