Hm, I am using Tusky on android. It doesn't seem to allow CW, I can only access that feature in a browser as I am doing now.

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Gotta find a good android app, at the very least one which actually allows the CW feature.

@gja nah, it's just hidden. Ideally, it'd be just one-click to access, a first-class action just as posting is.

@Pookleblinky I gather you have checked out manuals etc and it is just the way this works... Are you planning on replacing it with another brand?

@gja What's odd is that in-browser, CW is a first-class, one-click action. Tusky specifically chose to condense these actions into two buttons, increasing the effort to use it.

@gja I assume that the inevitable flood of other apps will stick closer to the baseline UI. Ideally, I'd love to see no set UI. Just user-created interfaces that one can swap and tweak however one wants.

@Pookleblinky that will be a feature in the future of of another client app

@Pookleblinky im using it as well, what is cw? content warning?

@Pookleblinky If you click on the globe bottom left of toot screen, then tap where​ it says his content behind warning, you'll get CW

@Pookleblinky You can: when writing a toot press the World icon, then thick "Hide text behind warning" and a "Content warning" field will appear

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