tfw you stare at a text, wondering how to finish it, and then simply decide that, aye, it can end where it ends

today at the louvre I learned that the secret to making a good painting is putting a lil dog in the corner

Mastodon musings 

I think it's really hit a sweet spot between being enough like birdsite to have a clear norms while letting people poke around the edges of what makes birdsite birdsite

It's like having multiverse vision into a million ways things could have played out since 2008


Gotta find a good android app, at the very least one which actually allows the CW feature.

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Hm, I am using Tusky on android. It doesn't seem to allow CW, I can only access that feature in a browser as I am doing now.

its only one click
so don't be a dick

or to quote @phildini :
When in doubt, CW.

If someone asks you, CW.

If you hesitate at all, CW.

It's one click. And it helps keep this amazing journey we're all on amazing for all of us.

I announce myself on with the sound of a hundred million corgis farting.


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