New release of #Fedilab in the beta channel (2.37.0-beta-2)

- Offset for replies in threads with a new decoration to make them easier to read

- Fix translation issue (use

- Watermarks for pictures (default: disabled)

- Blur sensitive media for Pixelfed

- Put messages into drafts when replying to a deleted message

- Allow to schedule with another account

- Fix: quick replies lose text when doing another action

- Fix refresh token (Peertube/Pixelfed)

@PhotonQyv OK. I will tag this beta release so it can be available.


Thanks, I've just got used to getting the new version from there, rather than going to fdroid.

Neither the link for the fdroid APK nor that for the Google apk actually download anything. Checked downloading the prior version and that works.

I think that's related to the tag name. It failed to create the directory on framadrive.

Ok, that's odd there have been betas before, with similar tags that worked.

I'm in no rush (:*

Is there a problem with framadrive? The latest version download links don't work either.

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