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The Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg near Grünheide is the new European manufacturing plant for , Inc. During the , the logistical backbone of the headquarters in East-Berlin was located there. A secret place with many tasks👇 twitter.com/stasiarchiv/status

Mental, GF3 from green field to this in 9 months !
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⚠️⚠️⚠️New Breaking Picture⚠️⚠️⚠️

Made in China Tesla Model 3 on assembly-line in Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory GF3


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Charge up to 500km/h with Tesla Superchargers. Simple and convenient, just plug in and charge up. Try it out by renting a Tesla Model S or Model 3 from UFODRIVE and explore Europe like never before.

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Was checking out the @InsideEVs@twitter.com data and was curious to see it in a moving bar chart so I threw this together. Running total of US plugin sales since 2012. Amazing how fast and far has come. @Tesla@twitter.com

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Jaaa! 🎉 Hab gerade um 09:00 das allererste offizielle in Deutschland abgeholt - nach fast 3 Jahren Reservierung! Großartiges Auto! Danke @Tesla@twitter.com München & @elo@elonmusk@twitter.comTeslamodel3 @fri@frischkopp@twitter.come@FredericLambert@twitter.comps://t.co/KKChVD2TuY

. @jaykayone@twitter.com @GillesFeith@twitter.com hoffen dier huet aeren 13ten Mount nach net versoff, dann kennt der aeren Model 3 geschwenn bestellen. :-)
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Model 3 configuration options and specs (0-100 & WLTP range) for European launch now available for some countries on the Tesla website @egearnews @ElectrekCo @TeslaClubBE @Model3Owners

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There are two ~300 mile range now that are much more affordable than ’s; please pass it on!

A Niro or a Kona + a tariff is great start if you’re interested in tackling which causes 400,000 premature deaths across EU yearly.

Woahh (almost) Luxembourg will soon have one of the biggest supercharger site in Europe ! Nice brunch on Sundays there as well !
RT @UlricDabe@twitter.com That's a 30 stalls @Tesla@twitter.com that comes out of the ground @ Van Der Valk Hotel Arlon ! Amazing fast rEVolution, thanks to @elonmusk@twitter.com 😉🚀

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RT @seanmmitchell@twitter.com: hypermile: on track to do more than 600 miles on a single charge. Very likely to hit 1,000 km. @tesla@twitter.com @elonmusk@twitter.com @ElectrekCo@twitter.com @Teslarati@twitter.com @Model3Owners@twitter.com
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Some carspotting today ! @GillesFeith@twitter.com @kilik82@twitter.com @svnee@twitter.com

RT @mgillet@twitter.com: Led by @youyouxue@twitter.com - Great turn out in Brussels. Lots of interest for up close encounter & Test Drives. Lots of Questions. Probably first known in 🇧🇪 feat. Private initiative to showcase cutest Model. Go ! Future Owners eagerly awaiting configuration email !


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