.@OpenDataLU@twitter.com event on mobility data this morning at the @Technoport_Lux@twitter.com , great to see so many people interested in cc @DigiLuxembourg@twitter.com

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On Friday, 's have a rendez-vous with their reusers. & topics to start discussion. See you at Technoport Belval.

Agenda & Registration: list.lu/en/event/open-data-see

RT @sustaingov@twitter.com: A comment from @markushesse60@twitter.com in Urbanization Unbound, on and to, from, and around Campus, University of :


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... and taking a cut of every individual transit, whatever the mode ... Brave new world of globalized privatised transport.
RT @colinkhughes@twitter.com THIS IS MAJOR. leadership announces it will "double down on multi-modal mobility," partner more closely with city govs, and build a platform to challenge car ownership with bikeshare, transit pay, carshare, and rideshare.


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