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Next time you hear the Anglo-American media claim the EU is immensely unpopular with its citizens, take a look at the actual polling

The only country that even comes close to half the population wanting to leave is the UK at 44%

is a British problem, not a European one

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this week Luxembourg will vote 4 bills to protect UK citizens rights in Lux , be it social benefits, status as civil servants, diploma recognition and residence/work permits...2 other bills about finance services!

Wow proper english breakfast cafe style places popping up in Luxembourg. Purple Sage Cafe in Bonnevoie

If a high profile professor can't get permanent residency in the UK , what hope in hell does your average foreign postdoc / lecturer have with the Home Office

I've lived in UK for 20 yrs with full time academic job. Had 4 kids here. My application for permanent residency was turned down. Supposedly credit card for application fee did not work (card was fine). Kept my Italian passport …

This will be the Channel after
RT @richxphotog@twitter.com Flooding at Hammersmith station, the only dry way out is a bridge constructed from chairs ‘borrowed’ from Pret.

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in a teacup ...
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Well, have a listen to this.
Lords debating and voting on Commons changes to the bill now...

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