Haven't tooted for quite a while. 😢

How's the masto scene these days?

Everybody cool?

“You cannot have perfection and company. To be in company with another person is to be negotiating imperfection everyday...But it is the work of love to make us graciously accommodate each other.” -Alain de Botton

Does anyone else hide out in the bathroom when they need a break from work?

If two vegans are having an argument, is it still considered beef?

"promise me you'll do three things before you kill me"
"like, comment, and subscribe."

I just took off my VR headset and the room was pitch black. I played through sunset and didn't notice. ⛅


Why is abbreviation such a long word?

sliding into your dms to ask if you've ever heard the story of darth plagius the wise


What does Trump believe in?

A: "Trump believes in Trump - first, last, and always."


my hella long overdue first let's fucking go
@PoliticalVoyeur -smart humor that goes over my head but I still laugh
@CoughingSound - the fucker did Enron but he makes good funnies
@fry - good boi nice boi luv his music and random thoughts that he toots
@SarcasmKid - seems to enjoy burritos very much
@cphuntington97 - honestly just a nice person
@marko - knows people that are in bands I like
@levi - my first real follower and generally cool dude

I need to follow 2 more people to make it a round 200 so get those recs ready

The nice thing about working together in a project is the diverse thoughts, opinions, and ways of working.

This great thing becomes a terrible thing if one person in your team decides to ignore any and all feedback.

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