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我自製了一隻場強錶 (Field Strength Meter),雖然精準度肯定是沒有的,但靈敏度還可以。
不過因為二極體是 1N60P,所以頻率大概到 VHF 而已,到了 UHF 頻段靈敏度就會大幅降低。

有點想玩 MMDVM,不過設備價格有點超過預算了……

之前一直在懷疑 FT-991A 的 VHF/UHF Power Amplifier 部分為什麼可以只使用一個電晶體 (RD70HUF2),直到我剛剛反應過來這玩意其實是兩顆 MOSFET 合在一起。

Note to self, sanity check these kinds of cheaply made modules before connecting them up. I only found out this SD card reader's power rails were shorted out AFTER putting it in circuit. 😬​

After a visual inspection I guess I found the fault (C2)...


it used to be that every program would be bundled with Bonzi Buddy, but now it is Google Chrome

昨晚在朋友家玩短波,然後還做好了這組雙槳 (Dual-Paddle) 電鍵。


It's 4 am. Everything is dead quiet. Suddenly, sirens in the distance. I jolt awake and look at my phone in horror. Eugen Mastodon blasts open my door with a shotgun and screams "A POLL YOU HAVE VOTED IN HAS ENDED"

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