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It's 4 am. Everything is dead quiet. Suddenly, sirens in the distance. I jolt awake and look at my phone in horror. Eugen Mastodon blasts open my door with a shotgun and screams "A POLL YOU HAVE VOTED IN HAS ENDED"

我註冊到 LoTW 了耶,接下來 QSO Log 都可以上線了



Information wants... 

I go to the web to look up a reference in a book to a NASA technical report from 1964. My only successes are several references to the same document and one PDF from a Russian radio electronics enthusiast. The PDF from the Russian is a scan from a copy out of the Kirkland Air Force Base Library. My first reaction is that this is a dumb world, but then my second reaction is no, maybe this is the system actually working. 🤔


> 二十年前到黑市,买得一张符,名叫“鬼画符”。虽然不过一团糟,但帖在壁上看起来,却随时显出各样的文字,是处世的宝训,立身的金箴。今年又到黑市去,又买得一张符,也是“鬼画符”。但帖了起来看,也还是那一张,并不见什么增补和修改。今夜看出来的大题目是“论辩的魂灵”……


"Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program"

-- Milton Friedman

#TIL Paradoxically, it's easier to speed up an ugly CISC machine with complicated instruction formats, like the x86. For a nice and clean CISC machine like the VAX (and to a degree, Motorola 68020), the orthogonal design can end up as a disadvantage in the long run- the flexibility of allowing all addressing modes for all instructions creates serious problems in a pipelined, out-of-order processor. For CISC, worse is better, it's why we can't have nice things... #retrocomputing #VAX

How to make me hate you:
"Do you have a call sign?"
"Yes, I do, I got my ham license when I was 9 years old, I love ham radio so much I have a tattoo, I think we serve an important public service and deserve to have ALL of the radio spectrum dedicated just to us, I want to keep our spectrum clean, so gatekeeping is perfectly fine, I think we should restrict the sale of radio broadcasting equipment, nothing makes me angrier than devices that radiate radiowaves, I hate microwaves so much but I hate plebs more, so fuck off, here's 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, we don't care about shitty water-absorbent frequencies, we only care about our own frequencies, don't impeach on my frequencies or my neighbour's frequencies or my neighbour's dog's frequencies (he's called Tom, he's so cute, he barked the answers to the exam and got his license) frequencies or I WILL CALL THE RADIOVAN AND SEND YOU OFF TO PRISON WHERE ALL OF YOU PLEBS BELONG DON'T TAKE MY SPECTRUM AWAY."

> "Clever" memory use is frowned upon in Rust. In C, anything goes. For example, in C I'd be tempted to reuse a buffer allocated for one purpose for another purpose later (a technique known as HEARTBLEED).


PDP-11/20 class machines don't support XOR. To simulate one...

// r1: r0 XOR r1
// r2: tmp
mov r0, r2
bic r1, r0
bic r2, r1
bis r0, r1

It's just the standard textbook formula: (NOT a) AND b) OR (a AND (NOT b). It's usually inefficient, better alternatives exist. But on the PDP-11, due the "BIC" instruction, I strongly suspect the textbook formula is optimal. #retrocomputing #PDP11


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There should be something like the Heisenburg uncertainty principle for software probing hardware properties like the current CPU frequency and power draw, because the measurement affects the properties being measured.

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