BBSing on the TRS-80 Model 100 tonight, just because.

I made a cable that powers the wifi modem off of the model 100's batteries via the barcode reader port. I'm not using it to read many barcodes these days anyway.

#bbsing #retrocomputing #trs80

What do you call a broken embedded system?

An embed-dead system.

Q: What do you call a piece of raw silicon die that has already been damaged and released the magic smoke?

A: Died.

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Everyone is focused on the ransomware… they should really be focused on the delivery mechanisms.

今天要換手機了,原本的 Redmi Note 7 電池已經鼓包。然後新買的 Redmi Note 9 Pro 到貨了,不過問題是這隻代號 Joyeuse,然而 Orangefox Recovery 之類的只有 Miatoll ,最神奇的是 PitchBlack Recovery 的 Joyeuse 就是指向 Miatoll,難不成 Joyeuse 和 Miatoll 這兩種可以用一樣的 Recovery / ROM?

Remember, turn off ALL your electronic devices before 2038-01-19 03:14:07 UTC, unless it has a "2K38 Safe" certification.

剛剛跟某個群組裡的 Hi-Fi 玄學家吵架了……

When setting up a radio transmitter, it's important to perform impedance meowching. You can check it with an SWR meter. (source: #caturday #electronics #mastocat #catstodon #cat #cats

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