So here's a vintage DC power supply that doesn't even have voltage regulator.
(2x 1N5402 diode, single 25V 2200uF capacitor)

In my home, it outputs 17V! (thus fried one of my computer fan)

之前一直在懷疑 FT-991A 的 VHF/UHF Power Amplifier 部分為什麼可以只使用一個電晶體 (RD70HUF2),直到我剛剛反應過來這玩意其實是兩顆 MOSFET 合在一起。

I bought a USBasp SPI Programmer, seems it's way better than using an Arduino Nano (Faster, and more reliable)

Just find out that my DIY linear regulator has a large voltage difference between with or without a load. Seems there's a huge room for improvement.

My own joule thief is running for 72 hours, It's now flashing

Couldn't get a AT89S52 work with Arduino Nano (as ISP), the crystal oscillator generated no signal, XTAL1 gives a strange DC voltage.


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