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Before you jump into the weekend, don't forget: this Monday April 26 10 am CEST we are excited to have a 2nd webinar on for administrations!

Together w @cwebber & enthusiasts ( creators of Matrix-bridge , podcast solution @Castopod & others) we explore how ActivityPub works and its exciting evolution ( & hopefully convince public institutions to join the fediverse :metamorph: )

Want to know more? Check out the agenda here -> and join us!

ActivityPub for Administrations

Posting presentation slides of our #SocialHub EC event 19 April

Be sure to join the next #ActivityPub events on 26 and 29 April.

The recording recording and agenda are at:


Announcing XMPP<=>ActivityPub gateway project doubled with XMPP Pubsub end-to-end encryption supported by NLnet/NGI Zero (thanks again @NGIZero !)

#XMPP #activitypub #libervia #nlnet #e2ee #pubsub


The EU Commission is "currently looking into the use of open-source decentralised social media networks", it told So will we see and on Mastodon any day now?

See full reply:

Miss out on the first webinar about for EU/national administrations? That's why we recorded it! -> Check out a great, concise introduction on the & and its alignment with EU/EC-values of sovereignty and equality, as well as an in-depth discussion on self-hosting, FOSS in government & social networking presence. And don't forget the next webinar April 26 at 10 am CEST where we dive deeper into & its evolution. Cyathere! 👋

Awaiting approval of our #SocialHub account on @rgggn we have the recorded video of our first Webinar in the #ActivityPub for Administrations event for European Commission representatives available on the #peertube instance (thanks @how and @NGIZero 🙏 ).

You can view it now, inline in the Event announcement, and - while you are there - write the dates of the next #webinar and the workshop in your agenda: 26 and 29 April 😃

🙌 Thank you 🙌 to everyone contributing to a lively discussion just now on for Administrations! And especially thank @redchrision for the clear presentation 👍

Important points were raised, on how to engage with citizens as an institution, what moderating capabilities the offers, possible administrative limitations to self-hosting / moderating. The next webinar April 26th 10 am CEST delves deeper into ActivityPub with co-author @cwebber ->

Don't forget: this morning 10 am for Administrations! The first webinar in a series of three events organized by the ActivityPub-community with European and national administrations learning about decentralization and federation. Join us here ->

@keunes @activitypub @NGIZero

#drupal has #activitypub support, and is also mentioned in the presentation for the event. It is one of the drivers for the enthusiasm of the EC to investigate the #fediverse further.

It is great to hear they are also focusing on supporting other alternatives for big tech services, such as @Matomo

Join the @NGIZero webinar next Monday at 10am Central European Summer Time! 🌞
Developers of #gnusocial (free social networking platform), #lemmy (self-hostable federating link aggregator), HubZilla (Self-organization tools with decentralized identity management) and @Castopod (federating #podcast hosting solution) 📼 🤖
@yassinedoghri and I will be there!

For everyone joining the & webinars (and workshop) starting April 19, save the link! We have an online venue here -> We start Monday morning fresh 10:00 am CEST, to introduce ActivityPub & the need for federating public communication, specifically the European Commission & national administrations. @redchrision has a wonderfully insightful presentation ready after which we jump into the discussion. See you Monday! ->

Dear Fediverse, we announce:

ActivityPub for Administrations

Our members at #SocialHub are very busy preparing for our European Commission events. In two webinars and a workshop we'll introduce EU representatives to @activitypub and its applications on the #fediverse

Besides focus on deploying #activitypub apps in EU institutions, we'll establish liaison, and will hopefully broaden mutual co-op in future.

We organize together with @NGIZero who provide great support!

Testing Of course logging in first always helps.... :oh_no:

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@xwiki.xwiki Let's see if this message ends up on your feed.

@Stoori I started writing a guide to getting up and running with your own instance. It is quite an involved process with a steep learning curve but financially is quite accessible (I pay less than my mobile phone bill to run cathode church).
(Also self-hosted :blobcat_sipsmile: )

@lfdi Hi, Joost here from the (Dutch) NLnet foundation. Together w the ActivityPub-community and the open source funding program @NGIZero we're organizing webinars & a workshop introducing national/European administrations to and the (a.o. the EC's DG CNECT, DIGIT, EDPS). Would you care to join the discussion on April 19 or 26? We've also invited @RegierungBW & would also like to hear your voice/decision. More info here:

@bfdi @ulrichkelber Hi, Joost from the (Dutch) NLnet foundation here. The -community and the open source funding program @NGIZero would like to invite you to a series of webinars and workshop (April 19, 26 and 29) introducing ActivityPub & the fediverse to European/national administrations (amongst others the European Commission's DG CNECT and DIGIT). It would be great if you could join us and share your experiences in the discussion. More information here: 👍

@RegierungBW Hi, on April 19, 26 and 29 the ActivityPub-community and @NGIZero (open source funding program) is organizing webinars and a workshop for the European Commission and national administrations introducing the power & possibilities of ActivityPub and the fediverse for public communication. As Baden-Württemberg is one of the (few) federating administrations, would you like to join the discussion & share your experiences? More info here: 🙌

Castopod is an in-development FOSS self-hostable podcasting platform, which now has Fediverse support too. You can follow at:

➡️ @Castopod

The project website is at

It's still in alpha testing, but the latest version adds ActivityPub support so that people on Mastodon etc. can interact with Castopod posts.

The git is at

#Castopod #Podcasting #Podcasts #Podcast #Fediverse #ActivityPub #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #SelfHosting

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