Join the NLnet Foundation at FOSDEM 2021 this weekend and come check out the many useful and groundbreaking projects funded by the NGI Zero research and development grants at the largest gathering for free and open source software & open hardware (amongst others @XWiki, @nextcloud, @EteSync and many more) ->

Regaining control of your smartphone with postmarketOS and Maemo Leste now important open source phone OS projects that @NGIZero is proud to support! Check out more anout Maemo Leste ->

@Karlitschek explains at why GPL is actually great for business (like it is for @nextcloud ), and why open source should not become closed/proprietary just to fight back against cloud competitors like Amazon, Google & Microsoft.

TG at explaining why a two-pier peer-to-peer (among proxy servers) provides a scalable, autonomous and resilient infrastructure over federated servers/p2p-networks. With p2pcollab, ultimately users will be able to discover/disseminate content collaboratively & privately, while all the tech they use is completely transparent and composable. Important features for a !

Brett Sheffield from Librecast kicking off the Sunday with a plea: do you prefer unicast, or the more efficient, scalable and private multicast?

Ready to join you all at this weekend! Curious about our open calls for open source/hardware projects to improve online privacy & decentralized search? Meet us Sunday afternoon! -> and Looking forward to meeting you!


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