And for anyone who just wants to see the many developers & contributors show their magic, join the conference at 14:00 (it's BigBlueButton) ->

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Don't forget: today starting at 14:00 check out our live installation & demonstration of and for the European Data Protection Supervisor & other EC-institutions. Also and (which is already used for most EU-websites like are ready to be shown off as decentralized & federating tech public services should use. Want to join in? ->

We are also grateful for the many poignant questions asked & points raised by enthusiasts and advocates like @tfardet, @sl007, @petros, @naturzukunft, @pukkamustard, @Castopod, @m3me and many more. And last (but definitely not least) our thanks to everyone on Socialhub for putting together a timely and lively series of events on how to switch to (and properly understand) decentralized social networking technology.

Missed it? The recording will be up soon ->

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Just a friendly reminder: in an hour (10 am CEST) together with the -community @NGIZero is hosting a 2nd webinar on decentralized social networking for European & national administrations. ActivityPub-coauthor @cwebber will share development & future of decentralization (among which @spritelyproject ), after which we leave the floor to discuss how the European Commission, European Data Protection Supervisor & Joint Research Centre can join the fediverse ->

NLnet has announced 16 new projects funded through the latest round of the NGI Zero programmes. These projects range from interesting new search tools like XQuerl, Corteza Discovery and mobile podcasting app Castopod Mobile to open hardware projects that help make our devices more trustworthy & level the playing field for innovation. Exciting new projects like Mosaic, Luna & Edalize create reliable and open hardware design solutions everyone can use and extend freely ->

In case you missed it: @NGIassure (on Twitter) is a new R&D fund to support assurances for authenticity, privacy & integrity online (think quantum-proof crypto, DHT & DAG for P2P interaction, mixnets, ledgers). Learn more at the webinar Jan 26 11 CET ->

For some context (and correction): of course you should CHECK out ( and while you're at it, check out 'How AdTech works' supported by NLnet to de-mystify and challenge the complex and secretive world of online advertising and profiling - and bring attention to these issues at a policy level ->

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Want to support mobile open hardware that is repairable, accessible (with braille keyboard), secure & truly hackable? Help crowdfund Precursor (at 99% already!), a Mobile, Open Hardware, RISC-V System-on-Chip (SoC) Development Kit. ->
And while you're at it, check out the related Betrusted-device for dedicated end-to-end-encryption, even when you don't trust your phone or internet connection) ->

In just several minutes our webinar on DNS and naming systems R&D will start! projects like Connect by Name, (, Namecoin ( and Internetwide ( expand on how their work can contribute to a more trustworthy & transparent DNS. Check it out here ->

Join us today for a webinar about R&D for trustworthy DNS & naming systems! Developers from NLnet Labs, Open-Xchange, Namecoin and ARPA2 will join us to discuss the evolution of DNS and naming systems and where these fundamental technologies should develop towards. No registration needed! ->

As part of the initiative, the NLnet foundation is happy to announce a brand new grant making programme. NGI Assure is looking for technological building blocks that provide strong assurances to internet users. A non-exhaustive list of technologies that could be of interest: quantum-proof cryptography, public key trust chains, ratchet mechanisms, distributed hash tables and directed acyclic graphs for secure peer-to-peer connections ->

In just 2 days the open hardware development platform Precursor raised half of its crowdfunding goal! We are happy to see so much attention and interest for this transparent, private and modifiable device designed by bunnie & bunniestudios -> @NGIZero is proud to fund this great project as well 🙌 ->

Any technology running at internet scale needs to be secure, accessible, translatable, widely available and inclusive. That is why the NGI Zero consortium helps open source and open hardware projects meet these critical requirements and now offers their best practices for everyone who wants to help fix the internet ->

Yesterday we again opened our bimonthly open call for privacy and trust enhancing tech ( and projects improving open search and discovery ( using open source software and open hardware. Do apply before December 1st (or check out the work we are funding on for example @cryptpad, @delta, @nextcloud, @EteSync, @pixelfed and more! ->

"Billions of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and IoT devices are using Bluetooth software stacks that are vulnerable to a new security flaw disclosed over the summer. Named BLESA (Bluetooth Low Energy Spoofing Attack), the vulnerability impacts devices running the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol." Especially relevant as nations around the world adopt BLE-based contact tracking apps ->

"Whilst the benefits of adopting FOSS are clear, the cases in Munich and Hungary show that it will not be an easy path to greater adoption. We cannot just rely on central government eventually carry out the adoption as the few representatives are easily pressured by the beneficiaries of the status quo, and are serving a much larger political platform [...] It is no coincidence that the successes in FOSS adoption so far have been concentrated in local government [..]" ->

End-to-end encryption protects your video chats from prying eyes & data leaks, which is even more important as we work and socialize remotely. Through the latest @NGIZero funding call NLnet supports new E2E encryption for the popular open source video chat solution, as well as a host of open source & open hardware projects like: peer-to-peer editing @libreoffice, live streaming in @pixelfed, automated vulnerability scanning for GNU Guix and much more ->

Hi there! Are you an avid free software user or open source developer? NGI Zero is an R&D funding program for open source software & hardware to enhance online privacy and improve open search and discovery. Together with @fsfe, @APC, Radically Open Security, Translate House and many more we fund and support projects like @pixelfed, @delta, @cryptpad... Check it out here -> and here -> or submit your own idea to make the internet a better place!

Instead of buying a computer, why not make one? Custom chip development is not accessible for designers, start-ups & creatives, because the tools to make these chips are (unnecessarily) expensive & restrictive. Chips4Makers (@Chips4Makers on birdsite) instead develops free and open source tooling (that can be audited for security & privacy benefits) so anyone can create their own chips. The first test chip is now made & ready for testing! ->

Want to know who visits your website without handing their data over to ? takes a look at lightweight alternatives, like the analysis platform GoatCounter that does not track users with unique identifiers, adds just ~2.5 KB of extra data to your site and is easy & accessible in use -> @NGIZero is proud to fund development of ethical & open source analytics like GoatCounter ( & Offen (

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