The 4th edition of the @QubesOS summit will be held live this year!
Save the date - 9th to 11th September, hosted in Berlin!

More information about this event & CFP that is now open is available at:

Happy to say the recordings of our latest webinars on conflict-free replicated data types () and business organization are now online! Check it out on, and (still transcoding!)

In less than two hours, join us for an business organization webinar! Experts from the Free Software Foundation Europe, Translate House, as well as the HAN and KU Leuven universities talk about open source growth & important requirements like accessibility, software licensing and translation. No signup required, simply join us at 11 CET here ->

Lunchtime reminder: tomorrow from 11 to 12.30 we are having a (freely accessible) webinar on business development! Together with experts from, among others, the Free Software Foundation Europe, the WCAG-auditing and Translate House, we explore important requirements for growing open source development into a viable business. Check it out (no signup required)! See you there :) ->

Last warning ;) In half an hour we are happy to have FOSS projects like m-ld, TypeCell, Naisho & Hyper Hyper Space talk about conflict-free replicated data types and the future of collaborative editing & communication. Join us here, no sign-up needed -> Can't make it? No worries, we will make the recording available on the PeerTube-channel afterwards :) See you there!

In case you forgot ;) Tomorrow from 10 to 12 join us as we talk about conflict-free replicated data types and the amazing work by open source projects like Naishio, TypeCell, m-ld, Hyper Hyper Space.

See how their state-of-the-art work helps build distributed, more secure and privacy-friendly ways for essential use cases like real-time collaboration.

No sign-up or registration needed, simply hop in! ->

We are very excited to welcome the makers of Naishio (combining end-to-end encryption with CRDT's) and Hyper Hyper Space (secure append-only distributed data layer) to our webinar March 8 on CRDT's! To avoid more acronyms: conflict-free replicated data types are important for real-time collaborative note applications, streaming apps & many more services that do not rely on a centralized (and tracker-heavy) service provider. Check it out! ->

We have some great events on the agenda: March 8 from 10 to 12 we discuss CRDT's with NGI Assure-projects including TypeCell ( CRDT-based collaborative block-based editor ), m-ld (collaborative editing of Linked Data based on CRDT) & others: Then on March 15 from 11 to 11:30 join experts from @NGIZero to discuss important requirements for business growth like proper , and ->

180 repositories of reproducible FOSS packages is one of many impressive results of the Summer of Nix-program, a train & work effort to rapidly increase skills with Nix and packaging open source software with this unique package management and system configuration tool. A very detailed report, giving insight into the entire process, is now available: Summer of Nix was funded by the Next Generation Internet and & co-organized by the NixOS foundation, Tweag and NLnet.

URL Frontier is a project that develops a crawler-neutral API for any operations a web crawler would do when talking to a web frontier. Think of 'get the next URLs to crawl, update the information about URLs already processed, change the crawl rate for a particular hostname', etcetera.It aims to serve a variety of open source web crawlers, such as StormCrawler, Heritrix and Apache Nutch. The project just released version 1.1, check it out ->

The wonderful -client now supports audio/video calls between two or more people! Especially now many of us are stuck at home, we need a way to collaborate & socialize in a privacy-friendly way. Dino uses the XMPP-protocol for decentralized communication and with an intuitive user interface, helps you reach out to friends, family and co-workers, both for larger groups with a server in the middle as well as private groups directly peer-to-peer ->

The Free Software Foundation is working to make all JavaScript on the Web be free software; its JShelter-project (funded through @NGIZero) is a freely licensed anti-malware browser add-on to limit potential threats from JavaScript, such as fingerprinting, tracking and data collection. Check out these blog posts that dive into anti-fingerprinting mechanisms and measuring JavaScript API usage on the web:

We are excited to fund digital signature improvements for Okular, the versatile document viewer (PDF, epubs, images, visualizes Markdown, etc.) of . Learn more about this project here:

With some SIGNIFICANT delay (my apologies), we now have the recording of our (crowd)funding webinar available on Check out more information and the recording here: or directly from here: Melanie Rieback of Radically Open Security and Nonprofit Ventures shares insights into post-growth entrepreneurship and @bunniestudios dives into open source & open hardware crowdfunding.

Don't forget! Tomorrow at 10 CET we start our event with many wonderful presentations from the devs of Sequoia (including @nwalfield), @keyoxide, talks about GPG-based encryption for emails at rest, plug&play encryption for customer relationship management & more! No signup needed, just join the (BigBlueButton)room at 10 -> 🔐 👋 🆓

Growing your idea into a business is a difficult path to take. Some time ago we had a webinar on software/hardware business management and fundraising. NGI TETRA also organizes more general business/organization bootcamps, which next week will start another one for funded projects (also including to include FLOSS licensing discussion). Check it out, there are still some places open:

We are very excited to announce an -themed webinar on November the 23rd! At 10 CET several projects working on OpenPGP-implementations demonstrate their work and discuss the future of encryption & webs of trust. As with all our webinars & workshops, no registration is needed, simply jump in the BigBlueButton-room and join the discussion. All relevant information will be updated here ->

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