BTW: in case folks reading this have a cool FOSS project that needs funding, please be aware that we have a deadline for submitting these tomorrow (August 1st) noon.

Don't feel intimidated - it is really light-weight to submit something (you can do it in less than an hour if need be).

Have a look at -

@NGIZero cool, fewer than 24 hours to submit a proposal from the moment I learned about the grant.

Good thing I have a project in mind already?

Not that in years any organization to which I've pitched it has funded it.

Nothing like a deadline to give it another go!

@NGIZero I just threw a submission together last minute...

Regardless I'll start "Haphaestus" once I've finished wrapping active development of "Rhapsode"... Not that I'm done with "Rhapsode", but beyond packaging it for others to use & updating dependencies there's not much more to do on it...

@NGIZero I did submit a proposal; not sure if it will get lost in the ether, or get approved, but at least an attempt was made.

Even if I don't get the funding, I hope to make the project a reality eventually. I have been tinkering with prototypes of it for at least eight years now, and even did a deejay set utilizing a 60% there proof of concept circa 2016ish.

I haven't meaningfully iterated it since then though I would love to make such changes smooth enough to be upstreamed!

@NGIZero this is the best funding outlet you will find for #openweb projects BUT there is tech constipation in the selection process for this funding, so it helps you get resources if your project is full of #geekproblem and likely to have no social impact.

If your project is about people and tech, you can get resources IF you push "safe" and "obviously" pointless #NGO agenda.

NGI Zero is the best funding we have for #openweb non-social technology.

#4opens might help.

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