Last reminder: at 10 CET we start our webinar where a number of awesome projects working to advance encryption share their work and discuss the future of (Open)PGP. No signup needed, join the talk!

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@NGIZero Thanks for organising the webinar, it was inspiring to take part in it! It was a great opportunity to meet other people engaged in relevant projects. I've already exchanged emails with another person to cooperate / collaborate in the future!

@pfm Great! That is one if not the most important goal of these events: to share ideas and find each other. Keep us posted on your work!

@NGIZero will there be a published version of the webinar? I’m very interested in what all was shown off.

@afontaine Yes, the webinar was recorded and all (used) slides will be made available on the events-page on the NLnet-website:

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