We are very excited to announce an -themed webinar on November the 23rd! At 10 CET several projects working on OpenPGP-implementations demonstrate their work and discuss the future of encryption & webs of trust. As with all our webinars & workshops, no registration is needed, simply jump in the BigBlueButton-room and join the discussion. All relevant information will be updated here ->

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@NGIZero Hey, I submitted a funding application for my open-source project

In one of the answers, I mentioned "<iframe>-based single sign-on". This is how it renders. It indicates a possibility of cross-site scripting, possibly even SQL injection attacks. You might want to investigate your CGI script that handles form submissions.

@nilesh Thank you for your sharp eye! We will check and fix this right away.

@nilesh We are tracking/fixing this issue as soon as we are able to, will keep you posted once I know more :)

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