Excited to have prof. Christian Grothoff tomorrow present work on , from the core decentralised overlay network via secure payments (), key backup mechanisms (Anastasis) to the R5N-DHT project, currently funded by NGI Assure. The R5N protocol aims to combine the best traits of all technologies out there, like Byzantine fault tolerance and censorship resistance. He will go into the technology, the advantages and how it supports efforts like the protocol (GNS).


Want to learn more? Join his presentation tomorrow! No signup required, simply follow the link and be there Thursday afternoon at 13h. Stay a bit longer and you can learn more about the NGI Assure open source grant that funds development of the R5N DHT-project. See you there! > nlnet.nl/events/20210923/Groth :eo_thinking: :amazing: :ah:

All the boosts are much appreciated! Find some more information on prof. Grothoff most recent work on the R5N-DHT-protocol here (nlnet.nl/project/R5N-DHT/), which is expected to become an important advancement in the field of distributed hash tables, with relevant properties like Byzantine fault tolerance and censorship resistance. Join us tomorrow/Thursday at 13 CEST to find out more :) -> nlnet.nl/events/20210923/Groth

(warning: eye contact in image)

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