Want to know more about the Next Generation Internet initiative? Join us Tuesday at the Next Generation Internet Forum (2021.ngiforum.eu) as we discuss the state of European hardware and how could make our technology more trustworthy, ensure digital sovereignty and promote permission-free innovation. Sign up for this open hardware workshop here (2021.ngiforum.eu/workshops?ses) or if you do not want to register, join the workshop directly (nlnet.nl/news/2021/20210507-NG). See you soon! 🙌 ⭐ 👋

@NGIZero Today's "pre-forum" event was so poorly communicated, I thought it's cancelled. Even on Forum's website 2021.ngiforum.eu/ in some places dates are 17-19 May and in some 18-19 May. Do you plan to release recordings from today's event? Thanks.

@loziniak That is quite unfortunate! We are not involved with organizing the entire event, only the open hardware workshop tomorrow. I expect you are referring to the self-sovereign identity event? I will check for you regarding recordings.

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