Want to know more about the Next Generation Internet initiative? Join us Tuesday at the Next Generation Internet Forum (2021.ngiforum.eu) as we discuss the state of European hardware and how could make our technology more trustworthy, ensure digital sovereignty and promote permission-free innovation. Sign up for this open hardware workshop here (2021.ngiforum.eu/workshops?ses) or if you do not want to register, join the workshop directly (nlnet.nl/news/2021/20210507-NG). See you soon! 🙌 ⭐ 👋

The workshop is split across two sessions. The first covers state-of-the-art projects funded by the Next Generation Internet through @NGIZero that showcase open hardware tools & components for trustworthy computing (nlnet.nl/news/2021/20210507-NG):
Thomas Kramer from LibrEDA
Staf Verhaegen from @Chips4Makers
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from Libre-SOC
David Lanzendoerfer from @libresilicon.com
Xianjun Jiao from Openwifi
and finally Charles Papon from SpinalHDL, VexRiscv and SaxonSoc


@Chips4Makers @libresilicon.com

The second session looks forward to a future EU silicon ecosystem w industry and policy panelists discussing the role of open source in a resurgent European semiconductor landscape, moderated by Rob Taylor LibreCores and Chipflow. Panelists include:

Bunnie Huang @bunniestudios from Betrusted, Precursor, Novena
Olof Kindgren, director of the FOSSi foundation, RISC-V ambassador
Representatives from Imec (to be confirmed)


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