Want to know more about the Next Generation Internet initiative? Join us Tuesday at the Next Generation Internet Forum ( as we discuss the state of European hardware and how could make our technology more trustworthy, ensure digital sovereignty and promote permission-free innovation. Sign up for this open hardware workshop here ( or if you do not want to register, join the workshop directly ( See you soon! 🙌 ⭐ 👋

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The workshop is split across two sessions. The first covers state-of-the-art projects funded by the Next Generation Internet through @NGIZero that showcase open hardware tools & components for trustworthy computing (
Thomas Kramer from LibrEDA
Staf Verhaegen from @Chips4Makers
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from Libre-SOC
David Lanzendoerfer from
Xianjun Jiao from Openwifi
and finally Charles Papon from SpinalHDL, VexRiscv and SaxonSoc


The second session looks forward to a future EU silicon ecosystem w industry and policy panelists discussing the role of open source in a resurgent European semiconductor landscape, moderated by Rob Taylor LibreCores and Chipflow. Panelists include:

Bunnie Huang @bunniestudios from Betrusted, Precursor, Novena
Olof Kindgren, director of the FOSSi foundation, RISC-V ambassador
Representatives from Imec (to be confirmed)

@NGIZero Today's "pre-forum" event was so poorly communicated, I thought it's cancelled. Even on Forum's website in some places dates are 17-19 May and in some 18-19 May. Do you plan to release recordings from today's event? Thanks.

@loziniak That is quite unfortunate! We are not involved with organizing the entire event, only the open hardware workshop tomorrow. I expect you are referring to the self-sovereign identity event? I will check for you regarding recordings.

@NGIZero Thanks a lot! I fact it'd be great if all #NGI sections communicated by #fediverse, and promote it.
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