Don't forget: today starting at 14:00 check out our live installation & demonstration of and for the European Data Protection Supervisor & other EC-institutions. Also and (which is already used for most EU-websites like are ready to be shown off as decentralized & federating tech public services should use. Want to join in? ->

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And for anyone who just wants to see the many developers & contributors show their magic, join the conference at 14:00 (it's BigBlueButton) ->

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@benis Understandable! This was a major point of discussion (and rightly so) during the 2nd webinar: Mastodon is *not* the fediverse. EDPS is already considering Mastodon and PeerTube, which is why it was chosen to show these off, so it would entice/excite them to jump in. But we will continue to raise the point, which is essential to understand, that no single tool or solution should be placed above others.

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