A big thank you to @cwebber for an insightful look into and its exciting evolution & future (migrating and surviving content & identities amongst others) during the 2nd webinar on ActivityPub for Administrations!

Also exciting to hear Robert Riemann from the European Data Protection Supervisor lay out their plans to join the (Mastodon & Peertube are expected). Important to understand the requirements & expectations of EU-institutions for (self-hosting) new tech.

We are also grateful for the many poignant questions asked & points raised by enthusiasts and advocates like @tfardet, @sl007, @petros, @naturzukunft, @pukkamustard, @Castopod, @m3me and many more. And last (but definitely not least) our thanks to everyone on Socialhub for putting together a timely and lively series of events on how to switch to (and properly understand) decentralized social networking technology.

Missed it? The recording will be up soon ->

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