Great news for the fediverse and libre and free open source developers 🎉 : Pierre-Louis Bonicoli and Loïc Dachary got an grant from DAPSI (Data Portability and Services Incubator) part of NGI (European Commission’s Next Generation Internet) to work on federated software forges (understand #ActivityPub).

> Forge federation: the beginning of a 9 months journey

#fediverse #developerexperience #dx

@arthurlutz No, all NGI (program title) are seperately managed R&D grant programs. But of course we are very happy to see federation of software forges also being supported through NGI DAPSI! In case you don't know ForgeFed, this is a project also aiming to federate software/version control systems to break through the current situation where FLOSS-work is usually limited to one platform/silo ->

@NGIZero @forgefed Yes I know and follow forgefed, and have tried to build bridges between the two initiatives which share common goals. is mentionned in numerous messages on the fedeproxy forum, and the other way around

cc @loic @dachary

@arthurlutz @forgefed @loic @dachary Building bridges of course is great, thank you for taking the time for this. I will try to keep up with the developments, hope to see these projects collaborate where they can.

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