End-to-end encryption protects your video chats from prying eyes & data leaks, which is even more important as we work and socialize remotely. Through the latest @NGIZero funding call NLnet supports new E2E encryption for the popular open source video chat solution, as well as a host of open source & open hardware projects like: peer-to-peer editing @libreoffice, live streaming in @pixelfed, automated vulnerability scanning for GNU Guix and much more ->

@NGIZero @libreoffice @pixelfed

@peertube is also planning to add P2P live streaming without chat/GIFs/whatever, at least for now. And assuming people will donate the remaining 18.230EUR (30%) of the 60.000EUR, so it will be even possible to do. So besides donating to #Jitsi, @libreoffice, @pixelfed, maybe also donate to #PeerTube by @Framasoft at just saying

I do wonder why these are getting funding. I did never see why jitsi is better then ring (now Jami) to give an example. Simple xmmp chats already are secured.

@pixelfed is there an issue somewhere that describe the live streaming feature (I am curious about both expected UX and technical details)?

Will it benefit from what @peertube is funding right now?

Keep up the good work! Pixelfed is awesome! 👏

@keverets I was not able to get video with Jitsi on Firefox. Jami is tested by me locally. Did not find anyone else using it so going out of the own lan might be tested if I find someone.

@hansw @keverets Jitsi has been working great for me on Firefox/Linux lately what wasn't working for you? What instance were you trying?

Most of the time I simply join a room and see nothing.
Just tried again, even with a connection using my mobile. I do not see anything on Firefox (Linux b.t.w.). All blocking using ublock and strict settings where disabled. Sad..
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