Hi there! Are you an avid free software user or open source developer? NGI Zero is an R&D funding program for open source software & hardware to enhance online privacy and improve open search and discovery. Together with @fsfe, @APC, Radically Open Security, Translate House and many more we fund and support projects like @pixelfed, @delta, @cryptpad... Check it out here -> and here -> or submit your own idea to make the internet a better place!

@NGIZero @fsfe Hi! I’m trying to convince @tuttle to send you a proposal to continue the development of #GNGforms We were working in @lleialtec (“loyal tech”, free software at local scale) but there is no funds anymore to continue the whole project: Please, fund at least GNGforms!

BTW, do you know specific funds for educational projects? Or… Should I send a proposal too to this very #opencall ? There is plenty of #freesoftware but even cooperatives or social initiatives don’t get the importance to switch to ethical tools. We even wrote a book but it’s not enough. So I would like to run a sister campaign of #publiccode (local scale).

Thanks in advance :)

@titi @tuttle Hey! Of course we encourage you to apply (deadline is August 1st and applying should only take a little of your time). Currently we are open to project proposals for the NGI Zero Discovery & NGI Zero PET theme funds, so it would be good to check out these themes & requirements -> If we come across specific funds for public/societal/educational tech, we will keep you posted!

@NGIZero @titi @tuttle For the sake of completeness, there are also other funds like but with a few other limitations/requirements

Just submitted #GNGforms as a proposal to NGI Zero PET, four days before deadline! @NGIZero @titi

@tuttle @NGIZero Cool! I’m glad for it. You really deserve it. Good luck, veci!

@NGIZero @fsfe I applied for PET in the last round but unfortunately went out empty (no blame, there certainly were more worthy candidates before the funds ran out). Do I have to re-apply, or is my number left in the box already? Note I marked that you can keep my data for this purpose (there was a checkbox for that).

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