If you can't make it to our get-together Sunday afternoon, please join one of the many events hosted by projects we support! Demo the encrypted collaboration tools from @cryptpad, the awesome crypto analysis software VerifPal from @nk, software deployment innovation of GNU Guix, @Karlitschek on GPL's many business opportunities, the open source phone/tablet OS Maemo Leste, the clean-slate internet architecture SCION, the wikipedia of food Open Food Facts, /

/ Experience the accessible & easy-to-use encrypted email setup of Autocrypt, the protected sync of calendars & tasks from EteSync (which will be natively integrated into Thunderbird!). Make your musical discovery more privacy-friendly and federated with Funkwhale, secure your server with authentication best practices by way of the Redwax toolset, peer-to-peer content creation and sharing from the p2pcollab-project and the dat-protocol and an open & cheap streaming setup for FOSDEM itself!

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Learn how you can open up your smartphone with the Replicant Android-distribution, program your own browser using Next, experience a more secure, auditable and free bootstrap of GNU Guix using GNU Mes, find out about the easy to use IPsec-solution Vita and many, many, many more great projects and technologies present at FOSDEM which we humbly and proudly support!

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