just saw an ad for something called "The Legacy Report for Casey Research" and I'm glad someone's finally looking into @MrJimmy

i have just stood outside a chippy with one of those big digital photo frames in the window for too long to get these images. i love chippy lady. i want to either be her or marry her, or both

as a die hard Die Hard fan, it explodes the buildings of my heart to see other people talking about it

This is your reminder that the thing you are working on, the hard one you are struggling with that seems to be going nowhere—you’re doing great.

It may not seem like it, but you are.

Progress is rarely linear and visible in the hardest things in our life, but often we look back at those times where struggled the hardest and suffered the most and realized those were times we grew. A lot.

You’re growing right now, and it hurts.

So be kind to yourself.

Ive been here a year now and I'm neither gay nor a furry. Eugen give me my money back.

i dont want protein. i dont want fats. i just want carbs

How are there enough people receiving money from structured settlements to make JG Wentworth a viable and endlessly advertised business

work bullshit 

I'm just glad I could prove to all of you once again that I cannot spell.

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