i wish i could train my brain to do things like that, i think about l5r so much since i'm running it though, its hard to get my mind on it unless i force it

kinda wishing i was one of those people who can just conjure up something to fill time with

those are now the four things. phone, house, car, shoe. everything else will be converted appropriately

Heres a scary story for you in the timeliness of October. My reservation is literally built on top of our ancestors bones, like the whole thing. This used to be a sacred island reserved and respected for the remains of our dead relatives before we were pushed 40+ miles upriver. In order to protect their spirits we decided to make this our main reservation so that colonizers wouldnt claim it as their own and continue to push us further northward. There are a lot of ghost citings around the island, and we have a whole cluster of cryptids that travel the paths throughout the night

best dogs 

I am doing impressions of my friends. It is entertaining
-Blakely, Dwarf fortress bot impersonator

I did hot yoga with some Russians. They all slapped me on the back, going "Hey!"

jer, youthboy

eighteen wheeler bumper sticker: makes frequent stops to catch pokemon! *rough approximation of a ratata*

riot cops shooting protesters with fire hoses full of pepsi

doing impressions of my friends in the sentient dwarf fortress bot's voice

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