then follow up with this before they can reply 

anyway i'm looking at my redbox options, and this sing 2 movie seems like a solid choice

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text this to a homie 

you know why we're homies? because when we're together, i'm home


yes, i am a 35 year old man who only started watching smosh a month ago

i'm fine being basic as fuck

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here's my ranking order for the funeral roast songs so far:

#1 - Johnny and Courtney 4 Never
#2 - Irish Pegging Song (traditional)
#3 - Mini-Cooper Swaggin
#4 - Life's a Party, You're a Boy

they are all very good and funny, but, y'know, if i had to rank them this is it

twitter be like "if you wanna read that third tweet in the thread we need to be able to track you for analytics..."

i don't want to sign up, bro

it's me, the PS5! Speaking to you from inside your brain. Put me in a 450 degree oven

in the beginning the fediverse was created. this has made everybody very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

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