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The fact that this scam text i got earlier is a condensed link with no other text is making me 100% more interested in seeing what happens if I take it

The birds planted these four sunflowers, and I'm very thankful to them

I found this taped to a sign in my neighborhood yesterday, some maniac is trying to go completely analogue

(Cw: Ec from cartoon character)

Also let me use this opportunity to show off my absolute disaster of a dice box

I love the cover so much

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If you ever need my service, I can roll any of these dice for you on request

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asexual man, sexual skateboard

(Cw: slightly lewd, its just kissing tho)

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this one is VERY my shit actually

(Cw: image of gun pointed at camera)

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here's a keeper of me from a decade ago

please ask me before you print wallet sizes

(pic: a human making eye contanct)

tarzanboy: "can i offer you a cucumber in this trying time?"

Animal crossing 

I didnt ever really fuck with clothes in new leaf, but I'm finding putting outfits together to be a lot of fun in this game

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Animal crossing 

Label came to my town today and asked me to show her a professional outfit

I'm about to head over and tell her "used car salesman" is a profession

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