i heard yall were being real assholes to my pal yoshi today

but please be gentle with his canine pal poochy, he is a friend to all

They wrote a book about my darling @gattogateaux ?

(image: book cover featuring human skull)

The Jumpus Rider by Bronco 

finished a drawing of a patch for the three founding members of the Dead Planeswalker Society, the worlds FIRST non-competitive cardfloppers consortium

@lemoncarrots @BestGirlGrace and myself

The sauce hokage

(Cw: eye contact from paul newman, also food I guess)

maps, rpgs 

24 hours later, making slow progress, every detail takes me a looooong time to figure out even when i've done something similar before

when i wake up its time to figure out plains, pastures, grass, and swamps

still pretty excited about doing this

i woke up, started drawing this, and now i have to go to bed, this is all ive done, but i am so into it so far

teaching myself to draw is turning out to be very engaging and fun

Selfie, no ec 

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