the mummies in FF1 look like they should be wearing track suits

Oregon state fair 

Decorated cake of a beholder only got third place...


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this vtubie website counts the annoying orange as the most popular vtuber of all time

🎮 vibeo james 

people to attend hourai high school:
1. Class Prez-type
2. guy from yaranaika-meme, but he's a secret agent now
3. just a samurai
4. a tennis player that either does or doesn't realize she's holding a grenade
5. a kid that's way to excited to use that musket

(image cw: guns, ec from cartoons)

i started my second play through of hollow knight the other night, but my switch is charging right now so i spent the time imagining a new type of guy and then i drew it and i weirdly don't hate what i drew

(cw: ec from a cartoon drawing that doesn't have pupils)


they taught him that poggers means "great man"

weird gift ads 

it seemed super sketchy, like at best i was going to get something way lower in quality than what was being pictured, and at wrost i would get nothing at all, but also these were official facebook ads, so there had to be something legit about them even if they were just drop shipping from alibaba or something like that

but today i got a new advent calendar ad, here's a screen cap of the shop...

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voting for mods in geet server is gonna pay off big time for me!

the playstation network was down when i tried to play genshin earlier, so i used the time to draw a picture of Belome from SMRPG

(cw: double eye contact from a badly drawn cartoon character)

Genshin posting 

these are my guys, the second pic is of all the pulls I got, the two in the middle are not... really interesting, the goth on the left is a lightning archer, she's pretty handy. The one on the right you can get from an event, but i managed to pull her early

There's one character I spied that's like some kind of jiangshi and I REALLY hope I get her

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sonic comics #21 

wow, this was a fucking weird one...

firstly it contains the attached panel, which is horrifying

secondly... they just killed robotnik... i mean there's absolutely no way he's going to stay dead, but i'm impressed that they killed him this early, because they make a HUGE deal out of killing him after the death egg saga

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sonic comics #19 

so issue 19 is the infamous "Night of 1000 Sonics" in which sonic summons versions of himself from parallel universes in order to fight an out of control Robotnik from one of those other universes

and after reading it I find myself salivating to know more about Mummy Sonic... alas, we are told nothing about him or where he comes from, but here's a quick and dirty collage of every appearance he made

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