in this thread i'm going to livetoot as i read every issue of archie comic's sonic the hedgehog (probably, anyway... until i lose interest)

sonic comics #1, description of graphic violence 

i got exactly one page into issue #1 before I had to stop and post...

dr. robotnik is literally hanging sonic the hedgehog by the neck, its very fucked up 🤷

sonic comics #1 

okay, so the hanging sonic was just a pinata

the first story in this comic was kinda dumb, but also kinda weirdly relevant, because the problem that robotnick made was solved by a thunder storm?????? feel kind of weird about that considering the same thing happened to me just last night

the second story takes place in the casino night zone...

sonic comics #1 

the second story was also silly cartoony nonsense, robotnik actually managed to capture sonic but instead of robotisizing him, he put him into a giant pinball machine...

there was one good joke, when sonic said "who write's your dialogue? Al Literation?"

also sonic blew casino night zone up with explosives...

the last three pages are single page comics, one of which has an actual chili dog recipe, this might be the first time that sonic is seen with a chili dog, huh

sonic comics #2 

its always bothered me that scratch is a chicken, and coconuts is a monkey, but grounder is aaaaa.... drilling machine??? like not a mole, or something, just a machine with drills

sonic comics #2 

holy shit, Verti Cal and Horizont Al... I havn't thought about these dudes in a minute...

also, Sally just said "Okay boomer" hahahahahahah

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