a friend on discord forgot that he was DMing me and sent a !roll 1d20+3 command

so i rolled a d20 and took a pic of the result

i have become a dice bot


If you ever need my service, I can roll any of these dice for you on request

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Also let me use this opportunity to show off my absolute disaster of a dice box

I love the cover so much

Ok heres your result: 107 + P2 + 2 Successes + 1 Exploding Success + 1 Strife + 5 blank sides

I hope this helps!

@MrJimmy thank you for helping with my journey, Casey...you're a real one :blobcoffeeraccoon:

@MrJimmy have you seen those weird dice that Dungeon Crawl Classics uses? They’ve got like a D7 and a D22

no, but i am looking at them now and holy shit i love them so much

the d7 is an absolute fucking geometric disaster

@MrJimmy It is lovecraftian, I think it’s bigger on the inside than on the outside.

@MrJimmy DCC is very focused on making a modern version of what made D&D fun in 1979 without being stubborn about it.

i've seen the books lying around at some stores and i've been curious, as a player its a little outside of what i'm looking for in a game these days but as a collector it is something i'm interested in, and these dice are absolutely fabulous

@MrJimmy this looks like a treasure chest full of fun

You rolled both the highest and lowest possible numbers on these dice

@MrJimmy can you roll the blank d20 three times for me please

yes, your results were: ∞ ∞ ∞

(no picture provided because i don't want to fill up my media tab with these, haha)

they were given to me by a friend, i think they're called like crystal dice, the d4 and the d10 both roll ok, but the d12 and d20 are absolute dogshit, the d20 dosn't have enough surface area on any given side to actually stop rolling, and its really hard to figure out which number is the showing face

they're fun to look at, but not practical at all

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