i found this between the shelves down at the public library

okay, after that, its just like 60 more blank pages and then this...

what the fuck was in here???

@MrJimmy perhaps cast directly from Mr. Siddon's dick and balls

@MrJimmy what the fuck there's no way. please tell me you made this yourself

@MrJimmy i think the answer is clearly inferrable from the name of the author

@MrJimmy you were this close to finding the elusive figure

@MrJimmy publisher sneaking out advance copies like this, swear to christ

@MrJimmy Looks like it might be a book. A fully manual carbon negative reading material.

@MrJimmy looks dangerous. do you know how to use one of those?

@MrJimmy gotta make sure words are loaded in the chamber, and the safety is off. steady your hand and you'll blow someone's mind.

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